April 8th, 2023

Hilltop Ski Area



April 8th, 2023



Hilltop Ski Area



Come watch Olympic and World Cup skiers battle it out in an action-packed event with big air, wipeouts, high speeds, and good times! The spring sun will be out, the festival at the bottom will have fire-pits and gourmet food and drink, the atmosphere will be fun for the whole family.


An xc ski race unlike any other!! Competitors will be able to ride the chairlift up, which will be running exclusively for this event. The race course is on an alpine ski area (Hilltop Ski Area), starting at the top and finishing at the bottom. The mountain is open exclusively for this event; only Nordic skiers on the mountain. No downhill skis or snowboards allowed.


The course will feature table tops, rollers, corners, big (and little) jumps, and of course a sprint uphill in the middle.


There will be TONS of prizes and schwag to give away! Most competitors and fans will win something!! There will be a Kiddie Cross mini park for the young ones to rip through for hours!



Start at top of Hilltop Ski Area, downhill sections with jumps, bumps, and corners, uphill sprint section, then into final downhill with jumps and more jumps.


Finish in front of the crowd.


Open course “freeski” session, then elimination heats into finals.


This is a very fun event to volunteer at. It will be action packed and fun to watch. Those interested in volunteering, please sign up by sending an email to: