North America’s premier Nordic-cross event, NordicX is a community oriented experience that brings together some of the world’s fastest skiers with local youth and families in a fun, action-packed event with springtime vibes. With a festival feel, great food and beverages, along with firepits, music, and a vendor village, this thrilling experience creates an atmosphere unlike any other Nordic ski event.


Community Development

NordicX brings together people, families, and activities that don’t normally blend in a vibrant fusion of sport and community.

Healthy and Active Youth

NordicX is literally inspired by the zestful exuberance of children, and creates a unique atmosphere for them to challenge themselves.

Positive Role Models

The nature of the NordicX event synergizes a mixing of world-class, positive role models with local families and children, giving Alaskan youth an almost unmatchable access to those who inspire us all.

Breaking the Mold

NordicX is outside the box, no doubt about it. There’s not another ski experience like it. NordicX fuses cross-country skiing with the adrenaline-filled excitement of freestyle skier cross, and is North America’s premier Nordic-cross event.

Gus Schumacher

Olympian, US Ski Team

“NordicX, in my opinion, is a vital event to the ski community in Alaska because it shows how fun skiing as a whole is by bringing us all together around a hype event! I’m stoked to shred this spring.” 

Sadie Bjornsen

3x Olympian, US Ski Team

“Nordic X is such an amazing way to bring the community together to enjoy the root of skiing; balancing and playing on skis as you navigate jumps, bumps, corners, and obstacles. Whether you are the best skier in the world, or a pure beginner- this event welcomes you to challenge yourself and maybe even learn a trick or two. It’s a family friendly way to join in the celebration of sun, snow and an incredible community of skiers of all levels. Whether racing or spectating, you feel you are part of the Nordic X show!”

JC Schoonmaker

Olympian, US Ski Team

“NordicX is one of the coolest races I’ve ever been apart of. Seeing so many different people come together and share a rad day at Hilltop made this entire event a highlight of my ski career and I already can’t wait for the next one!”   

Hannah Halvorsen

Olympian, US Ski Team

“I can’t think of a better way to end the race season! After months of high pressure races, nothing could be more heart warming than an event centered on having fun with our friends and family. Music, food, community, and hitting jumps on skinny skis. What more do you need to have a good time?”

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